Sasha Sinclair, Founder and Tour Director

Hi, I’m Sasha and I would love to tell you the story of Washington, DC.

I’m a second-generation Washingtonian. I’m also a professional artist and Master Docent at the National Gallery of Art. After college, I moved back to the city in 1993 to pursue my career in art and design and fell in love all over again with the city’s grand boulevards, hidden treasures, majestic monuments and museums, and quirky neighborhoods.

I love art, history, and storytelling so much that in 2007 I applied and was accepted into the docent program at the National Gallery of Art. Through the gallery, I’ve received vigorous graduate level training in art, social, political and military history. After 10 years of service, I’ve been awarded the designation of Master Docent. This means I not only give tours to the public but also design tours for VIP donors and special groups. People who take my tours tell me how much passion and knowledge I display and they love the “behind the scenes” stories I share that brings history to life for them. This is the same experience I want to bring to you as your tour guide.

The monuments, memorials and museums are more than buildings, names and dates to me.  For me, Washington, DC is where the past speaks to the present. As a local, I feel incredibly privileged to have daily access to these places that hold our national memories and treasures. They celebrate “the glory and the romance” of our nation’s history and bear witness to our continued struggles to form a more perfect union.

This is place full of stories about history’s heroes, villains, and ordinary men and women who did extraordinary things for the love of this country. This is a place that makes history every day and these are the stories I look forward to sharing with you.


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